A group connected to Al Qaeda claims that the 3 wanted men who were taken out last week in the west Bank by IDF forces – belong to it. “We have managed to bring our doctrine to the West Bank”

Arrests operation in the West Bank, archive

Arrests operation in the West Bank, archive Photography: AP

A group connected to Al-Qaeda announced that the three wanted men who were killed by IDF forces in the West Bank last week were acting on the group’s behalf. According to them, the presence of the activists in the West Bank proves how strong the worldwide Jihad network has become in the “occupied Palestinian territories”

“With god’s will, the global Jihad has managed to bring its doctrine to the West Bank, despite all attempts to thwart its presence there” the announcement from the “Shura Council of Holy Warriors” said. According to experts on the subject, Al-Qaeda is finding it difficult to rally support in the West Bank and in the Palestinian Authority, where they have denied any contact with member of the radical Islamic group.

The Authority’s security spokesman Adnan Damiri said that he has no information on the presence of Al Qaeda groups in the West Bank, noting that the incident is being investigated.
The wanted men were taken out last week by a special forces. The force managed to locate the terrorists and began tracking their vehicle’s movement in the city. The Security System said then that the wanted men were affiliated with a Salafi Jihadi cell that planed a series of attacks against Israeli and Palestinian targets.

According to the Security System investigation, the cell was planning shooting attacks on West Bank roads against Israeli vehicles. During the takeover of the vehicle, the Special Forces fighters shot at the car’s wheels in an attempt to stop it, but when the terrorists pulled out weapons and began firing, the forces had no option other than to take them out.