What happens when a shooting instructor urges a 12-year-old boy to be photographed with a riffle in his hand? This disturbing incident happened in Russia recently and caused the death of one of the acquaintances of the boy’s mother. Now due to the video documentation, the guide will be prosecuted for not making sure that the weapon wasn’t loaded before handing it over into the hands of a young boy.

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There was a tragedy in a shooting range in Russia.  A 12-year-old school boy shot to death the acquaintance of his mother, after the guide encouraged him to take one of the guns at the place and to be photographed with it.

 The tragic incident happened recently in one of the suburbs of Moscow.  The mother came with her son and an acquaintance to a shooting practice site.  At one point, after the first successful round, the mother marched towards the target in order to check if she succeeded with her goal.  The shooting guide then suggested to her 12-year-old son left behind to be photographed with the weapon in his hand, without making sure that the weapon wasn’t loaded.

 As part of a series of bothersome photographs, the boy stood facing one of the shooting targets.  He pulled the trigger without knowing that another bullet was left inside the gun.  Seconds later, a great blast was heard around the shooting ranch and the acquaintance of his mother quickly hit the ground.  The video clip that was published received a harsh response from the mother, who stood a number of meters away and her life was saved miraculously.  When rescue forces arrived to the shooting ranch, they were horrified to discover that a bullet hit a person’s head and they could only confirm his death.  

 The local police opened an investigation into the circumstances of the incident and despite stressing there the boy’s lack of responsibility, the shooting instructor was supposed to be responsible in his position and he permitted the boy to go wild with a deadly weapon without checking it beforehand.  The published video clip that up until now has received tens of thousands of views has awakened a storm across Russia, where shooting and hunting for recreational purposes are a major part of the local culture.