Despite the severity of her injury, Veterinarians at a California animal clinic were able to save Luca, a 4-month-old puppy who’s skull was crushed during a dog attack, using a 3D printed head cast customized for her.

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When Luca, a four-month-old puppy, recently arrived at a California veterinary clinic with a particularly severe head injury, the veterinarians were unsure they would be able to save her life. However, thanks to a 3D printed head cast, she was able to fully recover and regain all function.

In an unusual case, Luca’s injury was not due to an accident or violence, but rather from a vicious attack by another dog. As a result, Luca’s skull was crushed, which required immediate fixation after surgery.

Veterinarians at the clinic took advantage of the fact that local students had developed a 3D printer that could be used for creating cast fixations for the head, and immediately printed a customized one for Luca. The clinic stated that throughout the three months during which Luca wore the cast, it was only removed for feeding.