Jets from all over the world are currently participating in the largest aerial training exercise in Israel’s history, Blue Flag 2017. The drill has been conducted twice in previous years but this is the first time that France Germany and India have sent their air forces to patriciate in it.

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Seven foreign air forces are currently taking part in the largest aerial training exercise in Israel’s history. The Blue Flag drill, held this year for the third time, is the highest point of Israel’s cooperation with foreign air forces since the establishment of the state. During the exercise at the Ovda air base, the foreign aircraft fly alongside Israeli jets.

The American, Polish, Italian and Greek air forces returned to Israel this week for the drill and for the first time, France Germany and India sent their air forces to take part in the international event. During the exercise, the foreign air forces and the IAF deal with extreme combat scenarios.

Jets during the drill

Jets during the drill Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit/Channel 2 News

“One of the significant ways to improve international relations and establish ties with countries is [to] establish military cooperation,” a senior IAF official explained. “The IAF is Israel’s ‘display window’ and the direct encounter between the air forces is an integral part of forming strong and continuous relationships with other countries, near or far.”