Syrian forces with the help of the Russian Air Force continue to carry out serious airstrikes on Aleppo, intentionally hitting the city’s hospitals and clinics. The Associated Press released the footage of one of these attacks.

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The Syrian Army and Russia continue to carry out extensive attacks on rebel strongholds in Aleppo. In recent days, they have intentionally bombed hospitals and clinics. In the video documenting one of these attacks, the before and after footage is seen both from within the hospital and outside of it.

In the security camera footage, the hallways of the hospital, which is under the rebel forces’ control, are seen. Patients and staff members are seen passing one another when a sudden explosion occurs, filling the room with smoke and dust.

Aleppo in ruins

Aleppo in ruins Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

The manager of the hospital said that the room that is shown in the video is actually underground. “Thank God, this is what saved the staff members and patients from the airstrike,” he said. “We have suspended all the treatments until we can find an alternative location for the hospital.” Another security camera captured the footage of the hospital from the street seconds before the airstrike. A man is seen walking on the road and then a few seconds later, the explosion occurs.

As reported by JOL over the weekend, the WHO said that several hospitals in Aleppo have been hit by Russian and Syrian forces.