Just a few days after the evacuation of Amona, bulldozers entered the outpost and began to demolish the buildings there. The bulldozers are tearing down all of the buildings including the synagogue, which was where violent clashes between protesters and security forces occurred during the evacuation.

Watch: The demolition begins (Video credit: Pisgat Hamudcanim)

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Less than a week after the outpost was evacuated, Israeli security forces began demolishing the buildings in Amona today (Monday). At the moment, bulldozers are tearing down the homes and synagogue in the outpost.

On Thursday, the evacuation came to an end when the synagogue was evacuated. Thousands of police officers participated in the operation. The only complications reported during the evacuation involved young protesters who chained themselves to buildings and refused to leave.

Amona, today

Amona, today Photo Credit: Pisgat Hamudcanim/Channel 2 News

The evacuation of the synagogue, which the security forces left for the end of the operation, included violent clashes between protesters and police officers. After hours of attempting to conduct negotiations with the protesters, the police officers entered the building. 17 officers were slightly injured. Some of the protesters were also injured.

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