The past few days at Israel’s Ramat Gan Safari have been very eventful as three zebra foals were born.

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About half an hour after entering the world, a baby zebra at Israel’s Ramat Gan Safari started to walk. The staff at the facility explained that the past few days have been very exciting because three foals were born.  

Ramat Gan Safari officials told Channel 2 News that most births occur during the night or early in the morning and therefore it is rare to capture the joyful events on camera. In this week’s case, the births also occurred when the safari was closed but the staff managed to capture the first moments after the birth on camera.

Photo Credit: The Ramat Gan Safari/Channel 2 News

“These moments once again enable us to closely observe the wonders of nature right here in Ramat Gan,” a statement from the Ramat Gan Safari read. “Even though there are no predators in the safari, the animals here still behave naturally and live in small families that come together as big herds. It’s amazing to see how small foals stand on their feet about half an hour after being born and thus continue to preserve their instinctive, native and natural behavior.”