A viral video is making it’s rounds on social media platforms and news agency networks. The video is of a a drunken woman who claimed to be an international lawyer and pro-Palestinian activist was arrested after a racist, abusive rant aboard an Air India flight.

In the video, O’Broin – also known as Burns – can be heard berating staff how they’re treating “business class passengers like that, who are international criminal lawyers for the Palestinian people… I’m working for all your people, the f***ing Rohingya… don’t get any money for it by the way, but you can’t give me a f***ing glass of wine, is that correct?”

O’Broin also told the Air India crew member that she was the “leader of the f***ing boycott movement – if I say boycott Air India, done. Do you understand me?”

In the video, O’Broin continues to rant and rave, calling one staff member an “Indian money-grubbing bastard” and using other racial and misogynistic slurs. She then repeatedly proclaimed that she is a “human rights lawyer for the f***ing Palestinian people” as well as the “Irish Republic Army… you’ll be f***ing shot.

O’Broin has written many pieces about the Apartheid Zionist regime, and her approval of the Palestinians terrorist methods