Five people were injured as a result of a bus explosion in the eastern part of the city of Cairo. One of them is defined in critical condition. The Egyptian security forces had to dismantle a detonator in the area that another terrorist attack was implemented after the fatal terrorist attack that happened earlier in the week in the Nile Delta.

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Egyptian officials have reported that a terrorist attack occurred this morning on a public bus in the Egyptian capital city of Cairo.  According to reports, at least five people were injured in the explosion.  One person was critically injured.

 Egyptian officials stated that the bus was traveling in the eastern part of the city in a forbidden area.  It is still unclear what caused the explosion, but according to initial reports, it was probably caused by an explosive device.

 “The area of the explosion was closed off to the public and we are now conducting examinations in the area,” General Ala Abdul Tahar from the Interior Ministry told the Egyptian media.  According to a report in Al Ahram, during the time of the blast, Egyptian security forces dismantled another bomb that was found.

Photo Credit: Channel 2

15 people were slaughtered in a car explosion in Al Mansoura

 Egyptians this past year have suffered from a wave of violence, due to the fact that the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization refuses to surrender power to the new regime.  Two days ago, a car bomb exploded at the entrance to the police headquarters in Al Mansoura, leading to the slaughter of 15 people.   Egyptian medical sources have reported that over 100 people have been injured.

 “It is still unclear who is behind the blast but the explosion was so strong that it led to part of the building collapsing,” an Egyptian security source stated yesterday.  The intensity of the blast was felt up to 20 kilometers from the police station.  Residents reported that the windows of their homes were smashed as a result of the explosion.