Tens of thousands of California citizens have been asked to evacuate their homes for fear that the Oroville Dam will collapse. A strategy has been put in motion that seems to be working.

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Yesterday (Sunday), at least 180 thousand people have been asked to evacuate their homes in California due to the fear that the Oroville Dam, the nation’s highest, might collapse. 16 thousand Oroville citizens were required to move upstate immediately.

The evacuation order was released after it turned out that the emergency spillway was damaged. County Sheriff Kory Honea stated that the damage might not be as severe as they thought at the beginning but they prefer to be more cautious and not let people return yet.

The authorities’ strategy is to block the hole by dropping boulders from helicopters. According to the Director of the State Department of Water Resources, the expansion of the hole has slowed down and its possible that they will be able to stop the flooding before any damage occurs.