Images out of Aleppo show locals celebrating Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regained control of the city after four years following Russian Air Force strikes against rebel strongholds. Any remaining rebels found in the city are being executed by Syrian soldiers.

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According to reports, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s forces took control of all areas of Aleppo last night (Monday) and any insurgent brigades remaining in the city began fleeing with the end of their 4-year control over large areas of this territory. Last night, Syrian TV networks broadcast images from the victory and celebrations in Aleppo while Assad’s soldiers began publicly executing any rebel forces found.

Jan Egeland, a UN human rights activist in Syria, tweeted that the Russian and Syrian forces will be blamed for the reported atrocities Assad’s forces are committing in Aleppo following their victory. Throughout the city, gunfire was heard as part of their celebrations and locals were seen waving pictures of Assad, cheering for the troops that defeated the rebel forces.

A source from within the Syrian Army told Reuters that the army is close to declaring a complete victory over the Aleppo region after a series of heavy bombardments eliminated the remaining rebel strongholds in the city. Civilians caught in the middle of these bombed areas described the scenes as resembling Doomsday. The rebels have withdrawn from the remaining strongholds in the eastern part of the city.

Civilians caught in the crossfire of battle for city

Civilians caught in the crossfire of battle for city Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Yesterday, Syrian human rights organizations reported that Assad’s soldiers have taken control of the city. Yesterday morning, the Syrian Army declared that 95% of the city is under its control. According to reports by humanitarian organizations, a few hours later, rebel factions began withdrawing from the last six neighborhoods under their control and with that the battle was over.

“Doomsday” images out of Aleppo Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Two days ago, a senior-level official from the Russian Defense Ministry announced that the Syrian Army has made substantial advancements in the battle for control of Aleppo. In the last week alone, 20,000 people from the city fled as the Russian Air Force strikes continued.

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