A 70-year-old man and two children were rescued from a jeep that had gotten stuck in a large puddle amid one of the worst winter storms of this season.

Two children were rescued from the drowning jeep

Two children were rescued from the drowning jeep Photo credit: MDA

Police officers and paramedics were rushed to Hadera on Friday after a jeep with two young children in it got stuck in a large puddle.

The children, aged nine and six, were taken to a nearby hospital suffering from hypothermia. MDA paramedics said the children were on the roof of the jeep when the forces arrived.

“We went into the puddle and pulled out the vehicle, we took the kids to a dry place and put them on an ambulance,” the paramedic said.

Watch: Forces rescue children from stuck jeep

Earlier on Friday, the unusual amount of rain caused two vehicles to get stuck inside a 60-cm puddle at a major intersection in central Israel. Police forces rescued the drivers.