A clash between two activist groups, Jewish and Arab, broke out on the campus of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem on Monday. Campus security was notified of the incident and arrived at the scene.

Watch: Clashes at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

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A violent clash broke out on Monday on the campus of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem between Jewish and Arab students. Activists of the right-leaning Im Tirtzu organization claimed they wrapped a table in the Israeli flag on campus, resulting in several of the university’s Arab students arriving with a Palestinian flag. The latter group claimed the Palestinian banner was part of a planned orientation tour on campus.

Along with the Israeli flag, the Im Tirtzu activists also placed an image of Ron Yitzhak Kukia, the 19-year-old IDF soldier who was stabbed in a terror attack in southern Israel last week, on the table. Meanwhile, a planned campus tour organized by Arab Hadash party activists was taking place, during which Arab music was played and the activists carried a Palestinian flag.

Clashes at Hebrew University

Clashes at Hebrew University Photo Credit: Yehudit Agas Damari/Channel 2 News

An Im Tirzu activist reportedly grabbed the Palestinian flag from the Arab activists, resulting in clashes between the two groups. Campus security was notified of the incident and arrived at the scene. The Arab students claimed they did not start the clash and that they were attacked by the Im Tirtzu activists, who rejected the claims and accused the Arab group of incitement.

The Hebrew University addressed the issue with the following statement: “The university enables the free speech and expression of diverse opinions and views, as long as no illegal activity is involved. The various groups are requested to adhere to the regulations and avoid any verbal and physical violence. Security guards cleared the commotion so as to maintain student and public safety.”