Cary McCook, an aspiring young rapper in Canada, is now a social media star after footage of him being attacked by a deer surfaced on social media. Many of his friends and family found it hard to believe his story because the incident occurred on April Fools’ Day.

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25-year-old Canadian rapper Cary McCook became a social media star after footage of him being taken down by a rampaging deer surfaced. On April 1, McCook was walking into a hotel in British Columbia when a deer suddenly slammed into him.

McCook was not injured in the incident. His friends and family did not believe him when he told them about the strange story. They were sure that he was trying to play an April Fools’ Day joke on them.

“The first thing I did was call my mom,” McCook told Canada’s Abbotsford News. “She kind of laughed and said ‘I’ve heard better than that.’” McCook did not give up and was able to get the security camera footage from the hotel, which confirmed his story.