After the series of problematic incidents on United flights, now it is Delta’s turn to get into some trouble. A family recorded how a Delta flight attendant threatened to send them to prison after they tried to put their toddler in a seat that they purchased for their older son, who returned home a bit earlier than expected from their family vacation.

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Brian and Brittany Schear, who are Southern California residents, did not expect that their flight home from their Maui vacation would end like this. Brian said that when he and his wife tried to use the ticket that they purchased for their oldest son in order to seat their two-year-old between them, the family was removed from the flight and the flight attendants even threatened to send them to jail.

“It was a night flight and we knew that our two-year-old son wouldn’t sleep if he didn’t have his own seat,” the father explained. He also said that if they tried putting the toddler on their laps, he would have escaped and gone running throughout the plane. As a result, they sent their oldest son on an earlier flight home and brought a car seat with them for the toddler. The parents were also travelling with a one-year-old, who was sitting in their lap.

The incident on the Delta flight

The incident on the Delta flight Photo Credit: Youtube/Channel 2 News