At 6:00 AM, construction workers began to demolish Tel Aviv’s Dizengoff Square plaza. The demolition work at one of Tel Aviv’s most iconic locations is expected to last 10 days.

Watch: Demolition of Tel Aviv’s Dizengoff Square

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After its Fire and Water fountain was temporarily removed, the work to move Tel Aviv’s Dizengoff Square plaza to ground level began this morning (Monday) at 6:00 AM.

As part of the transitional phase of the project, 500 small pieces of the granulite floor of the square will be collected and handed out to the public. When the square has been completely destroyed, the construction of the new square will begin. The construction is expected to take about a year and will most likely end in the beginning of 2018.

Tel Aviv’s Dizengoff Square, this morning

Tel Aviv’s Dizengoff Square, this morning Photo Credit: Channel 2 News