The powerful earthquake in southern Mexico that hit late Thursday night destroyed entire neighborhoods, leaving tens of thousands of residents homeless. Three national days of mourning were declared by Mexico’s president in light of the tragedy.

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A few days after the powerful earthquake in southern Mexico, the devastation caused by it is starting to reveal itself. At least 90 people were killed by the quake and tens of thousands of homes were badly damaged.

The 8.1-magnitude earthquake, which was mainly felt in the Chiapas and Oaxaca states, was stronger than the 1985 tremor that killed thousands of people. The death toll from last week’s earthquake was significantly lower, however, because the depth of the quake was greater and the main impact areas were farther away from the capital.

Mexico, after the earthquake

Mexico, after the earthquake Photo Credit: EPA

On Sunday morning, the residents of the areas that were hit the hardest began to return to their homes after they were evacuated by the authorities. However, most of them sadly discovered that they no longer have a home and had no choice but to wander the streets.

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto announced three national days of mourning following the natural disaster and promised that the destroyed neighborhoods would be rebuilt.