In rare footage involving a young Israeli at the Israel-Jordan border, the suspect in a drug deal between Jordan and Israel redeived a bag weighing about 20 kilograms containing the dangerous product. As a result of the footage, a letter of indictment was issued against the Israeli participant.

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The District Attorney in the north of Israel issued in an indictment against a young Israel who was caught trading drugs over the Israeli-Jordanian border. The entire event was documented by video cameras along the border. In the video is it possible to see how the suspect receives the bag containing over 20 kilograms of dangerous drugs from an unknown suspect across the border.

In the video, it is possible to see the suspect driving in his vehicle along the border, traveling to and fro on the road. At a certain point, the cameras focus in on a specific area where the suspect exits his vehicle and makes a phone call. Then, an unknown individual from the Jordanian side of the border hands the suspect a bag at the meeting point.

The Jordanian dealer puts the drugs under the fence and the Israeli suspect comes to make the pick up. Investigators with the police in the north followed the suspect who fled the scene, beginning a pursuit after the drugs, leading to the arrest of the young Israeli whose identity is still unknown. “The amount of drugs that we found answer to the requirements of dealership”, said one of the inspectors involved in the case. “From our investigation thus far it seems that the suspect acted alone”, the investigator continued.