In recent months, the Egyptian army has been waging a relentless and violent campaign against terrorist organizations in the northern Sinai Peninsula. New footage published by the Egyptian army shows just how dangerous the situation in the country is: A car bomb that approached a military checkpoint was run over by an Egyptian tank that identified the danger- and exploded in a fierce blast moments later.

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The Egyptian army recently published stunning footage from the northern Sinai Peninsula as part of its campaign against terrorist organizations and ISIS that settled in the area. The unusual video documentation shows an Egyptian army tank rolling over and trampling a car that was identified as a car bomb. Seconds later, the car exploded with a huge blast, killing seven people.

The Egyptian army reported that the suspect’s vehicle was stopped near the checkpoint by the entrance to the city of Il Arish, one of the largest and most important cities in northern Sinai. According to the report, the driver of the vehicle tried to initiate the explosion when the tank began to run his car over but it failed to detonate.

After the vehicle was run over, people can be seen running away from the scene. A few seconds later, the suspect’s vehicle exploded, creating a huge fireball and a dazzling flash.

According to the Egyptian army, at least four people were in the vehicle though it is unclear whether and to which terrorist organization they belonged. “More than 100 kilograms of explosives were hidden in the vehicle,” an official statement from the Egyptian army said. “Had the vehicle exploded earlier, it could have killed 50-60 civilians and soldiers.”