A crack in a 90-year-old dam has prompted the evacuation of 70,000 people in northwest Puerto Rico. According to an official from the island’s emergency service, the dam could break at any moment.

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After the serious damage caused by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, the local authorities are worried about life-threatening flash flooding due to a crack in a 90-year-old dam. “If the dam itself fails, then you’ll see a catastrophic release of 10 or eleven billion gallons of water that will flow down the river, down the valley, leading to enormous devastation,” a geologist told Sky News.

The crack in Guajataca Dam, which is located in northwest Puerto Rico, was caused by the heavy rain and strong winds that Maria brought to the island. The local authorities have described the situation as very dangerous and ordered 70,000 residents in the area to evacuate.

The dam

The dam Photo Credit: Sky News/Channel 2 News

Christina Villalba, who works at the island’s emergency management agency, said that the dam will likely break. “It could be tonight, it could be tomorrow, it could be in the next few days, but it’s very likely it will be soon,” she told Reuters during a phone interview Friday.

Floods in Puerto Rico

Floods in Puerto Rico Photo Credit: Sky News/Channel 2 News