Soldiers of the Home Front’s lookout company held an exercise on rockets falling in the Galilee last week. Some threw color grenades and fireworks, and others had to identify the “rocket falls”

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In an exercise held last week in an open area near Karmiel, reserves soldiers from the Home Front’s lookout company, who during war time are supposed to locate where rockets have fallen, tested their abilities using fireworks and color grenades as stand-ins for rockets.  

The company provides real-time intelligence on what is happening in the sector, commands a wide area and deploys observation means through which they can pinpoint the exact location of the falls. 

Looking out for rockets

Looking out for rockets Photography: Channel 2 News

“We see the event right away through our observation equipment and deliver the report on the communication and computer networks to the supervising ranks” Reserves Major Ziv Moskowitz, commander of the company, told Channel 2 News Online. “We know exactly where the rocket is supposed to fall and characterize the type of hit”.

Some of the company’s soldiers used observation equipment and others staged the exercise using the grenades and fireworks. Among others, the forces also trained in cities in the Galilee, which according to estimations will take many hits in a situation that finds the north under rocket fire. The Home Front Command saw the exercise as successful.