This evening (Friday) a thorn bush fire broke out off the Sea of Galilee beaches. Firefighters and fire planes were dispatched to put out the flames. A few days ago, a chemical fire went undetected in Ashdod, causing an odor throughout the region.

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A thorn bush fire erupted Friday in an open area on the western side of the Sea of ​​Galilee (Kinneret), between the Bora Bora beach and HaDekel beach near the city of Tiberias. Five firefighting teams and four firefighting planes were dispatched to help.

A few days ago residents of the central and southern coastal plain regions of Israel complained of a bad odor in the air. On Wednesday night, emergency centers received hundreds of complaints by concerned residents in the Dan region, Ashdod and the surrounding area. After a few hours it became clear that the cause of the foul smell was a fire in Ashdod’s old oxygen pools.

sraThe Israeli Ministry of Environmental Protection recommended to the public in the areas adjacent to the fire in Ashdod “to avoid being needlessly outside…In general, the ministry also recommends that the rest of the population in the city and other areas where there is smoke, to avoid being outside if unnecessary.”