An American pilot responsible for flying one of the first F35I fighter jets to Israel congratulates the country.

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In several days, the first F35I fighter jets will land in Israel making history as the Israeli Air Force (IAF) enters into a new dramatic era. Today (Thursday), an American pilot responsible for flying one of the F35I jets to Israel explained their importance: “It’s a historic moment for you, the world and specifically the region, receiving this jet.”

The first F-35I ‘Adir’ jets are expected to land next Monday, after a long journey from the US. Yesterday, the jets were first seen while making a pit-stop at a Portuguese Air Force base in Azores.

Two full squadrons containing 50 stealth fighters will be completed only by 2024 in a revolutionary transformation. Each jet costs approximately $90 million and the entire deal costs $7.5 billion.

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