Spanish news outlets are reporting that the driver responsible for the Barcelona terror attack was eliminated in an exchange of fire in Cambrils later that night. Police are still searching for other suspects.

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Today (Friday), Spanish news outlets are reported that the main suspect who murdered 14 people and injured at least 130 others in Barcelona, Moussa Oukabir, was shot and eliminated in the exchange of fire in Cambrils during the night.

17-year-old Oukabir is the brother of one of the terror suspects arrested yesterday in the city of Ripoll and it is suspected that Moussa impersonated his brother upon renting the vehicle utilized in the terror attack. Meanwhile, the police is still searching for the other suspects involved in the attack, whose pictures were published by La Vanguardia news.

Reportedly eliminated, Oukabir

Reportedly eliminated, Oukabir Photo credit: Channel 2 News

According to the newspaper, the other suspects are also from a Moroccan origin and their ages range between 17 and 24.

Police still searching for them

Police still searching for them Photo credit: La Vanguardia/ Channel 2 News