The wildfires that continue to ravage throughout California reached a large horseback riding center in San Diego with hundreds of horses trapped. A video recorded at the site shows the scared horses helplessly running inside the fenced stables, that is until two volunteers were able to break the gate setting the horses free just moments before they would have been burned.

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Southern California is still dealing with the huge wave of wildfires that has caused immense damage and claimed several lives. A dramatic video was recorded within the past few days at a San Diego horse farm depicting how the flames were threatening the horses trapped inside the stables, most of which were saved from the fire.

When volunteers at the San Luis Rey riding center noticed the fire closing in, they quickly began to attempt to free the horses. The video shows the frightened horses helplessly running around the ring with nowhere to go.

Photo Credit: Tom Marshall/Channel 2 News

As the volunteers most likely could not reach the entrance gate, they began trying to break away at the wooden fence, creating an opening for the horses to run through. Despite the volunteers’ quick response, 35 horses died in the fire.