Have you ever wanted to go skinny dipping but were too embarrassed to expose your private parts to the entire beach? Guy Barnea, an Israeli Olympic swimmer, found a solution with his new innovation: a floating clothes hanger upon which people may hang their swimsuits deep in the water and retrieve them before returning to the beach.

Watch: How to skinny dip without being exposed

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Israeli Olympic swimmer Guy Barnea has come up with a new innovation aimed at helping those interested in skinny dipping without exposing their private parts to the entire beach: a floating clothes hanger. The innovation, which is currently in the midst of a crowdfunding campaign, proposes to install floating clothes hangers within the ocean’s waters, where those interested in skinny dipping can leave their bathing suits in order to swim naked. However, the catch is that they will be able to wear their swimsuits before and after entering the water without showing off their goods to other beach-goers.

“Following a video shoot that included skinny dipping, I was surprised by the liberating pleasure that this experience provided everyone, which is completely different from the experience of swimming in bathing suits,” Barnea explained. “In my opinion, this is a business potential that has not properly been realized to date. Many people will pay for the experience, just as they are used to paying for enjoyable experiences such as watching a movie or eating at a restaurant.”

Getting naked in the sea

Getting naked in the sea Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

The video that Barnea spoke of is part of a campaign for swimsuit company “weekends at” founded by Barnea and Israeli designers Ron Nadel and Dov Adar. In order to establish the new innovation, a crowdfunding project was launched with a goal of reaching 70,000 NIS. “The project’s goal isn’t to make money, but rather to allow people to experience the liberating and most natural adventure there is,” Barnea added.