Earlier this week, an oil tanker sank off the Greek coast, causing an environmental disaster. Today, it turns out that the leak hasn’t been closed yet.

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An emergency operation is being conducted in the Greece in an attempt to clean up an oil spill caused by a leak from a sunk tanker. At first, Greek authorities claimed that the spill was under control, although the dangerous ecological disaster has reached populated coastal areas.

It has been 4 days since the 45-year-old tanker, known as Agia Zoni II, sunk due to severe weather conditions with 2,500 tons of oil. Today, (Thursday), beaches were closed off for the public. Only two crew members were aboard, the captain and the chief engineer, and both have been accused of criminal negligence.

Greek beach, today

Greek beach, today Photo credit: Sky News/ Channel 2 News

“This is a major environmental disaster,” said the mayor of Salamina. “Clearly the danger to the population wasn’t properly estimated. Now, the currents have brought the pollution to the beaches.” The oil spill will take at least 4 months to clean up. Meanwhile, more animals continue to suffer the results of the leak.