The videos show four terrorists infiltrating into Israel from Gaza, as well as the intense rioting along the border earlier today.

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After the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit announced today (Saturday) that four Palestinians successfully crossed the border into Israel from Gaza early Saturday morning, Hamas released a video documenting the infiltration from the terrorists’ point of view.

The terrorists can be seen cutting the bottom of the security fence with wire cutters and entering into Israel’s territory. The four then split up; two continued running deeper into Israeli territory and threw a Molotov cocktail that then ignited a fire.

Palestinian terrorists infiltrate the border

Palestinian terrorists infiltrate the border

The other two terrorists stayed behind to put up a Palestinian flag and pitch a green tent upon which were written the words: “The March of Return. We are returning to Palestinian lands.” All four terrorists escaped back into Gaza when an IDF patrol opened fire at them.

As reported earlier by JOL, the infiltration came just hours after Palestinians threw an explosive device at IDF soldiers during a protest on the border. There were no Israeli casualties in the incident. 

A second video released by Hamas showed Palestinian rioters along the border fence throwing stones and Molotov cocktails, burning tires and flying flaming kites. A group of terrorists can also be seen attempting to damage the fence.