For the second time in a year, the IDF will demolish the house of the terrorist who killed Sgt. Ronen Lubarsky last year.

The home of Yusef Islam Abu Hamid, the terrorist who killed Lubarsky, was demolished nine months ago but had since been rebuilt by Palestinian Arabs.

On the night of May 26. 2018, Yusef Islam Abu Hamid woke up to the screams of soldiers as they arrested two terroists in an adjacent house.

Hamid climbed onto the roof of a neighbor’s home where he grabbed two blocks of marble that were there. He lifted an 18-kilogram block over the roof railing and threw it on Lubarsky who was standing below.

The suspect immediately went down to the roof of his house and crawled inside, while the soldiers were treating the wounded comrade.

Lubarsky, 20, from the central city of Rehovot, was critically wounded and died two days later.

According to the indictment, Abu Hamid slipped back onto the adjacent roof and used cleaning supplies to erase her fingerprints from the second marble he had previously taken, but had decided not to use.