New footage shows IDF soldiers arresting stone throwers in the West Bank. The footage shows how a soldier on lookout identifies 4 suspects and manages to direct an IDF force to the accurate location within minutes.

Video: IDF Spokesperson Unit | Can’t see video? – Click Here

The Dragon Battalion of the Artillery Corps arrested 4 stone throwers over the weekend. After a soldier on lookout spotted the throwers, it only took several minutes to order the force to the location and make the arrests.

“During the evening on Thursday, a lookout position identified 4 suspects approaching the road and quickly ordered a force to the location,” stated the battalion commander Lieutenant Colonel Tzvi Erdan. “The company commander arrived at the location and maintained direct contact with the soldier on lookout. Thus, due to successful cooperation…the suspects were caught and brought in for questioning.”

The footage shows how the 4 suspects are approaching the road. At a certain moment, one of the suspects ran towards the road and started throwing what looked like stones towards the passing cars. The forces then arrived and arrested the suspects.

“I was about to end my shift,” recalled Sergeant Adi Avisira, who was at the lookout position. “While scanning the area, I saw several figures walking around a place where usually nobody goes. I continued to follow them and when they ran towards the road, I reported it and called forces to the location.”