IDF Chief of General Staff spoke at the Herzliya Conference and referred to the strategic threats on Israel. During his speech, Eizenkot clarified that Israel is interested in a quiet border with Syria.

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Tonight (Tuesday), IDF Chief of General Staff Gadi Eizenkot spoke at the Herzliya Conference and clarified that despite recent publications in the foreign media, Israel isn’t involved in the fighting in Syria for either side. According to Eizenkot, Israel’s interest in the war across the border is that there will be a functioning entity in Syria.  

In his speech, Eizenkot referred to all the arenas relevant to Israel’s security. He distinguished between the threats close to Israel in Gaza and Lebanon and the threats further away, mainly from Iran.

“We have an interest that Gaza will have electricity 24 hours a day,” he said in reference to the Gaza electricity crisis. “But there is a paradox that we will finance the electricity and they will use their resources to dig tunnels in order to attack us…Hamas stands at a significant crossroad- whether to be a terrorist organization or a movement responsible for its citizens.” The IDF Chief added that Israel has developed the most advanced capability in dealing with Hamas’ tunnel threats.

In regard to Iran, Eizenkot stated: “Senior-level officials in the country declared that its goal was global Islamic rule. Iran sees itself as a superpower and is trying to create a Shi’ite crescent through Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. It still wants a nuclear weapon and the global effort must focus on preventing Iran from becoming a North Korea.”