Last week, the IDF naval commando unit conducted a joint and unique exercise with their counterparts in the United States – the US Navy Seals. As part of the exercise, the forces exercised taking control over a ship under the cover of darkness and parachuting into the sea.

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Parachuting into the sea, raiding a ship during the night and rescuing hostages in a closed area are just some of the scenarios that the IDF naval commando unit and the US Navy Seals exercised together last week.

IDF’s Shayetet 13 special operations unit, Sa’ar 5 navy corvettes and other tools of the naval commando took part in the joint exercise with the Navy Seals. The unique exercise was designed to develop the operational capabilities of the special forces of the IDF and of the militaries of Israel’s allies.

Photo credit: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit/ Channel 2 News

In addition, the exercise practiced the joint knowledge transfer between the fleets and strengthening the common language and operational cooperation in the field. “The cooperation between the two fleets is expressed in annual exercises and reciprocal visits,” stated Brigadier General Ido Ben Moshe. “During the joint exercises, professional relationships are created that contribute to both sides on the strategic level.”

Photo credit: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit/ Channel 2 News