“Hamas knows that it will pay a heavy price for every tunnel it digs”

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In a special interview held in April, Gaza Division Commander Brigade-General Miki Edelstein recounted the tense condition in Southern Israel and the way in which IDF deals with the tunnels which Hamas digs under Israeli ground. “Hamas knows that it will pay a heavy price for every tunnel it digs”, clarified Edelstein in April.

The terrorist penetration thward this morning is another proof of Hamas’ usage of its tunnels, which have become a substantial threat for Israel. In April we held an interview with Brigade-General Miki Edelstein, who then predicted that the condition in Gaza is stable and that deterioration is not anticipated. Edelstein referred to shootings, tunnels, and Hamas rule in Gaza.

We are witnessing an increase in the amount of attacks, said Edelstein tree months ago. “Hamas is investing a lot of resources in digging the tunnels into Israeli territory, when a major percentage of the military income funds the tunnels. We are investing time and resources in order to expose these tunnels. We have exposed some and we will expose others when the situation calls.” he clarified.

In the past few years IDF are trying to expose tunnels by massive drilling. Bulldozers drill while troops secure them, since gunshot may burst out from unpredicted places. “Hamas must understand that if it were to make destructive use of these tunnels, it would put itself and the residents in danger. Massive striking from our side will be held in such a case”, noted Edelstein.

All that seems complicated becomes even more so at night. For this reason ambush is constantly held in the field, in order to try and prevent border crossing and the placement of explosive charges on the protective barrier. As it turns out, these actions are also attempted in daytime.

This complicated task of dealing with the tunnels has begotten a new role in IDF: Tunnel Officer. She doesn’t do the digging herself but does intelligence research. “I collect all intelligence concerning the tunnel matter”, told Officer M, who serves the exclusive role of Tunnel Officer. “The main target is to protect citizens and soldiers. There is great satisfaction in exposing a tunnel; however at this point the real work begins. We start analyzing the intelligence data and make sure that our troops are not at risk. After that we move on to the next tunnel.” The officer estimates that there are more tunnels: “We try to keep constant surveillance”.