During the huge IDF military exercise along the northern border, artillery shells accidentally hit a herd of cattle in the Golan Heights and killed some of the animals. Local shepherds claim they ‘have no one to turn to.’

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Last week, the IDF announced its largest military exercise in years. Tens of thousands of soldiers from dozens of brigades took part in the exercise along the northern border. In a specific drill, artillery shells accidentally hit a cattle herd and killed some of the animals.  

In the footage filmed by a shepherd in the Golan Heights, the carcasses of the cattle can be seen near the cistern. “Occasionally, shells hit the cattle,” stated another local shepherd. “The cattle have to reach the water in the middle of a shooting zone and it occurs again and again, each time hitting a different herd. We have no one to turn to.”

The shooting zones in the Golan Heights are filled with cattle, some of which have been there before 1967. In 2012, a similar incident was reported in almost the same location.