A day after it attacked Iranian and Syrian targets in Syria, the IDF released a short video showing an Israeli missile destroying a truckload of Syrian missiles.

IAF destroys truckload of Syrian missiles
Photo and video credit: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

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The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit has released a new video from last night’s Israeli strike on Iranian and Syrian targets.

The video shows an Israeli missile hitting a truck carrying an SA-22 missile system. A number of people can be seen near the truck. The system was hit after Assad forces attempted to use it to fire missiles at Israeli jets.

Details about last night’s events indicate that dozens of targets belonging to Quds Force, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ unit in Syria, were destroyed by Israel, including intelligence bases, weapons storage facilities and rocket launchers.

An IAF official confirmed that Israel had notified the Russians in advance about the attacks. “We didn’t give them details about specific targets, but we did coordinate the use of the airspace and made sure that there were no Russians near the targets before we fired,” the official said.