Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif said that he cannot conceive of a situation in which Iran would officially recognize Israel. Furthermore, he said that Iran’s strategy for confronting the issue of Israel would not be to throw the “kikes” into the sea or to initiate a military attack against it, rather it has suggested to the U.N. that a popular referendum, including Palestinians in the land and in the diaspora, would resolve this matter.

Zarif also said that the United States has forfeited its rights according to the JCPOA because it has withdrawn from the agreement, however, it is still obliged to abide by the agreement and must lift all its sanctions on Iran. Zarif joked that he wished the U.S. would leave Planet Earth, just like it withdrew from the JCPOA. He said that President-Elect Biden will be obligated to return to the JCPOA.

Zarif added that America “owes” Iran for arming other countries in the region. He explained that the Western powers tried to include Iran’s missile program and its regional activity in the JCPOA but failed and had to compromise about it. Hence, Zarif added, they do not have the option to demand the inclusion of these issues now.