ISIS reveals its aircraft that it uses for warfare in Iraq and Syria. In a video released by the terrorist organization, UAVs are seen in a battle against elite Iraqi Army units in Mosul. It seems that the UAV is capable of carrying limited weapons.

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ISIS recently showcased the UAVs in the terrorist organization’s possession. Two days ago (Monday), ISIS terrorists posted a video in which an aircraft was seen carrying relatively simple weapons, such as rockets or grenades. Earlier this month, Iraqi Army reports were published according to which ISIS has been using this aircraft in order to attack the Iraqi Army. However, this is the first time that the terrorist organization has posted a video using the UAVs.

In the video, ISIS displays one of its aircraft with a 2-meter wingspan and an electric motor in the back that supplies the UAV with power. It seems from the video that the aircraft is only capable of carrying two simple means of ammunition.

The front part of the aircraft contains a video camera which allows the operator to properly maneuver it and to aim the ammunition.