In the video, terrorists are seen loading rockets. This is followed by photos of the damages on the Israeli side.

The Islamic Jihad of Palestine (PIJ) posted on Wednesday a video showing its Tuesday attacks on Israel. The video shows rockets being fired, resulting in a cloud of black smoke, and terrorists loading barrels and then firing them towards the Israeli communities near the border.

Watch: Islamic Jihad’s attack on Israel

The footage of the attacks from Gaza is then followed by a recording of the damages seen on the Israeli side of the border.

The video was published following an unofficial ceasefire between the two sides after Hamas and the PIJ suffered great damage to their capabilities and following an especially tense night of fighting.

Yesterday, Hamas and the PIJ claimed responsibility for the attacks on Israel. Hamas said that it would continue to be committed to a ceasefire with Israel if Israel too stayed committed, and an Israeli political source today sent a clear warning to the groups that if fire was resumed, Hamas would pay a high price for it, saying “if fire is resumed, the attacks on Hamas and its collaborators will be even stronger.”

The Israeli cabinet is scheduled to hold a meeting at 6:00 PM local time.

According to the Israeli Defense Ministry, the Israeli Air Force successfully destroyed Hamas’ major missile capabilities last night. The Defense Ministry also said that Hamas and the PIJ stopped their attacks on Israel as of 12 midnight and it was only extreme Palestinian factions that continued operating after that.

Israel is currently operating under the assumption that Hamas is not interested in resuming the conflict with Israel and has instructed its members to restrain extremists.