With two days remaining the start of the Eurovision music contest in Tel-Aviv, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad released a video threatening video.

In this video, the Islamic Jihad welcomes everyone to Tel Aviv than cuts to footage of terrorists preparing missiles. The video also displays 3 potential target points of the complex where the contest will be held.

Last month, Hamas also threatened to disrupt this year’s Eurovision song contest in Tel Aviv. In a video that circulated around social media, the terrorist organization insinuated that rockets will be fired on Tel Aviv during the contest if by then Israel does not respond positively to their demands.


In the video, the complex in which the contest will be held is under crossfires with the message “There will be no celebrations or dancing while two million Gazans suffer. If you want to celebrate, remove the blockade and don’t stray from the agreement. Implement the understandings, so that you can celebrate.”

Eurovision is one of the biggest international cultural events in the world. All eyes will be on Israel this year who will be hosting the event between May 14th and May 18th.