The human body cannot regenerate entire bones, but doctors in northern Israel are using innovative tissue-engineering technology to grow new bones, in a lab.

In Haifa, one of the largest cities in Israel, artificial bones are being grown in a laboratory. The technology company Bonus BioGroup began research in the area of artificial bone regeneration four years ago.

Bones are cultivated in the lab that will be used in patients with osteoporosis, cancer, and traumas that have been generated by accidents and severe fractures.

This scientific breakthrough has been very successful in 32 patients. The first volunteer was a man who suffered severe traumas from an accident.

Dr. Nimrod Rozen, head of the orthopedic unit at Haemek Hospital, points out that with this technique they are able to replace any bone in the body. He says that “this surgery is truly science fiction”.

First, before creating artificial bones, it is necessary to perform a liposuction to remove some fat cells from the body and then isolate those that interest. In a bioreactor that simulates a biological environment, the bones are cultured using biodegradable scaffolds to give them the desired shape. Finally, after two weeks, the surgical intervention is performed to incorporate the bone tissues into the patient’s body.

Very soon a second trial will be carried out with more than 60 people, some of them with orthopedic and cranial injuries.