Israeli-Arab Dima Tayeh from Qalansawe was one of the activists on an anti-BDS delegation to the US. During the trip, the delegation members spoke to students about their experiences in Israel. They were often greeted with outrage as well as violent audience members.

Watch: Arab-Israeli anti-BDS activistspeaks her mind

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25-year-old Dima Tayeh, a young Arab-Israeli woman from Qalansawe, made headlines recently when she participated in a two-week long anti-BDS delegation to the US on behalf of the Israeli NGO Reservists on Duty. Tayeh joined five other Arab-Israelis for a tour of US campuses and similar venues, where they spoke to audiences about their experiences living in Israel.

During their tour, the activists often faced backlash as several audience members responded violently. Tayeh said she received numerous threats, with one audience member even telling her that if he had a weapon, he would use it on her.

“They did not come with an intention to listen and understand,” explained Tayeh, who said she expected listeners to be moved. Meanwhile, a video of Tayeh being interviewed for a Palestinian-funded news channel in Israel quickly went viral, receiving both scorn and praise.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shared the video on his official Facebook page. “I thank the prime minister, who shared my video in a respectful manner,” said Tayeh, who received harsh backlash from her Israeli-Arab community as well as the Muslim world. “I am a strong woman,” she said. “They do not scare me.”