Nothing could be scarier for parents of school children after watching on the news time and time again horrifying stories of schools shootings.

An Israeli company has created a backpack that becomes a bulletproof vest and offers protection to students. The bulletproof backpack weighs between 3 and 5 kilos and can withstand the shooting of semi-automatic rifles.

The backpack, developed by the company Masada-Armour, has an armored panel that in less than two seconds can be removed to become a bulletproof vest that protects the chest from the shots of a revolver and, in a more sophisticated version is capable of stopping bullets from a rifle.

Co-owner of the firm, Yair Rosenberg, assures that the product, with its front and back protection, is designed to provide school children with a better future.

The backpack has enough capacity to carry books and a laptop computer. It weighs less than 3 kilos and its price is around 500 dollars.