The Israeli device, invented by Tyto Care, will save the hassle and money of visiting the doctor and will allow patients to conduct a detailed self-examination and diagnosis from home. The device is already sold in the US for 299 dollars.

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An Israeli company has developed a new device aimed to reduce the need for the initial face-to-face encounter with a doctor and will enable patients to conduct a detailed self-examination at home. The device, named ‘Tyto’, can check blood pressure and temperature, as well as examine organs such as the throat or lungs and send the results to medical authorities.

“We are basically replacing the face-to-face interaction,” explained Tyto Care CEO Dedi Gilad. “While allowing to perform a full physical examination, analysis and diagnosis of a patient at home.”


Illustration Photo credit:123rf/ Channel 2 News

According to Reuters, this product is one of many recent developments in a field that is gaining momentum in the medical world – conducting remote physical examinations or monitoring health via applications; technology that saves patients and medical staff a lot of effort, money and risk.

The new device was already authorized by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is already being sold in the US for 299 dollars per unit.