8-year-old Uriel Shoham, the son of an Israeli living in Mexico, died unexpectedly from a cardiac arrest in April. A family friend, Gilad Millo, a former Israeli diplomat from Kenya who became a rap star in Africa, has released a new song in Uriel’s memory.

Watch: Angel Uriel by Gilad Millo, in memory of Uriel Shoham

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Uriel Shoham was only eight years old when he passed away unexpectedly, but in his short life he got to visit no less than seven countries in three continents.

Uriel was born in Mexico to a Mexican mother and an Israeli father, who worked there as a tour guide. His grandfather was the Israeli Ambassador to Thailand, Itzhak Shoham.

In April, while in school, he suffered a cardiac arrest which, sadly, he did not survive. His devastated parents decided to donate his organs, thus saving the lives of three sick children.

Uriel Shoham

Uriel Shoham Photo courtesy of the Shoham family

A family friend named Gilad Millo was Uriel’s favorite singer. Millo, who formerly served as the deputy head of mission at the Israeli Embassy in Kenya, decided a few years ago to change course and became a singer and rapper, gaining popularity in Africa.

Upon hearing about his good friend’s tragic loss, Millo flew to Mexico immediately to be with the Shoham family. There, he wrote the lyrics to Angel Uriel, a song inspired by and dedicated to the little boy.

Before flying back to Kenya, Millo joined Uriel’s father on a tour of some of Uriel’s favorite places, where they filmed the video for the song.