The training exercise simulated attacks from ships and missiles, as the Israeli military prepares for a confrontation along Lebanon’s coast.

The Israeli Navy trained for two possible threat scenarios in facing Hezbollah terror forces in Lebanon last week. The IDF Spokesperson Unit released a video of the training (seen below), in which the Navy forces can be seen carrying out attack scenarious with a barrage of missile ships. In the first training scenario completed, the Navy’s Barak-8 naval air defense system successfully intercepted a drone simulating the threat of a missile. The missile ship’s defense system successfully detected the drone, and shot it down using their missile defense systems. 

In the second training scenario practiced by the Navy, two ships attacked a target simulating an enemy missile ships. The two ships successfully destroyed their target by utilizing cruise missiles mounted on the two ships. Colonel Adar Gershon, who was put in charge of the training exercise, stated that  “the training contributed to the readiness and the increase of preparedness among the naval fighters. The missile squadrons are prepared and ready for all threats in the maritime sector. “