An Israeli-developed device could help the handicapped skip obstacles in the path of their wheelchairs.

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In places that aren’t handicapped-accessible, a single step can pose as a significant obstacle for wheelchairs. When Ilan Aviv’s mother-in-law Adina started facing these kinds of difficulties four years ago, he promised to find her a solution.

His frustration led him to develop an innovative technique that could change the lives of the handicapped worldwide. His development consists of a simple device installed on wheelchairs that help them overcome physical obstacles in their path.

Ilan’s device is called Step-Up. He is a musician, but his passion for helping his mother-in-law made him think of a brilliant idea: a wheelchair that has something resembling electric legs with wheels, which are activated by a sensor. The legs lift the chair and skip the obstacle. It took him and his company a year to develop a prototype of the device.

The Israeli startup could be installed on an electric wheelchair and turn it into a stair-climbing wheelchair. According to its developers, it has already been registered as a patent.

The wheelchair that could make things a little easier for the handicapped is expected to cost $2,000.