Meet the new missile that was developed by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems: Spike LR II is light-weight and has advanced artificial intelligence capabilities and a wider range that the previous generation of Spike missiles. The Spike LR II missiles are currently being used in the Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict.

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Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems unveiled a new fifth general tactic Spike missile on Thursday at the Paris Air Show. The new missile, called the Spike LR II or Spike 2, has a range of up to 5.5 kilometers when launched from the ground and a range of 10 kilometers when launched from a fighter jet. The missile was successfully tested in Israel. The Spike LR II missiles are already being used in the Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict.

The missile weighs only 12.7 kilograms and can be launched from any Spike system. The new missile possesses advanced artificial intelligence capabilities, increased abilities to destroy buildings and armor and the ability to deal with reactive and active reinforcements on an armored fighting vehicle.

Photo Credit: Rafael/Channel 2 News

“The new missile provides a response to the challenges of the modern battlefield and its development is the result of Rafael’s extensive experience in the field of various missiles, its advanced engineering capabilities and the company’s collaboration with the IDF and the foreign armies that use these systems,” said Executive Vice President and Head of Rafael’s Land and Naval Systems Division Moshe Elazar.

The new missile was first used a couple of weeks ago in the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia. A video that was recorded by the Azerbaijani Land Forces shows the missile being launched and then destroying an advanced SA-8 anti-aircraft missile battery of the Armenian Army. According to foreign reports, Hezbollah also possesses this type of anti-aircraft battery.