A Kangaroo in Australia is a common sight, but not every day does one get to see a kangaroo joey jumping around for the first time, which is exactly what happened at the Australian Reptile Park north of Sidney, where an eight-month-old kangaroo joey peeked out of her mother’s pocket before jumping out.

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Jumping for Joy: Great excitement filled the Australian Reptile Park in New South Wales just north of Sydney after a tiny 8-month old kangaroo joey named Jellybean took her first hops out of her mother’s pouch.

The little eastern grey kangaroo joey jumped around her mother, Josie the Kangaroo, and went back into her warm pouch after completing an impressive round of hops – a spectacle onlooking visitors hurried to photograph.

Amanda Woodbine, a park employee said that after her head was seen peeking out of the pouch this past month, they knew the day when she would take her first hops was coming. Those first moments not only drew crowds at the park but footage of Jellybean has gone viral over social media, gaining over 200,000 views on Facebook within the past days.