A Lag BaOmer bonfire in London turned into a huge fireball, injuring 10 people. A mobile phone is rumored to have caused the incident.

The blast in London

The blast in London Photo Credit: Screenshot from YouTube

Ten people were hurt during the annual Jewish Lag BaOmer festivities in Stamford Hill, north London, on Wednesday evening.

Footage from the event shows that a bonfire exploded into a huge fireball as soon as it was lit.

Hundreds of people had gathered at the scene to mark the event and the Yeshiva World website reported that spectators fled in “shrieks and panic” after the blast.

Watch: The Lag BaOmer fireball in London

Hatzola, a volunteer emergency medical service, and the London Ambulance Service were rushed to the scene and treated “multiple patients.” Approximately 10 people were taken to the hospital, many with burns on their faces.

There had been no reports of serious injuries or any criminal allegations, the Metropolitan Police said in response to the incident.

Despite reports of at least one mobile phone being thrown into the fire, it is more likely that the explosion was caused by fuel that was poured on the fire.