Abbas’ Fatah Movement published on it’s Facebook page this young girl’s message to US President Trump not to “defile” Jerusalem because it’s “ours.”

The girl repeated the PA hate speech that Jews/Israelis (and now apparently also Americans) “defile” Jerusalem and its holy sites, reports Palestinian Media Watch.

She also implied to Trump that she and other young Palestinians are uncompromising and do not shy away from using violence as they “are the children” of former PA Chairman Arafat – who directed many years of PLO, Fatah and PA terror, and of Ahmed Yassin, the founder of the terror organization Hamas. The girl repeated another PA message that has often been stressed to children – that it is only a matter of time before Jerusalem – and the entire State of Israel – “return” to Palestinians.

In addition, the girl also recited a poem that includes yet another PA message – one which is clear child abuse – as it teaches that Palestinian children are destined to die as “Martyrs” for “Palestine” – a message that even the mother of the boy in the poem condones.